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Welcome to the FUNNELS to INCOME Podcast with your host MAK.

Jan 16, 2015

Today we discovered that Facebook has introduced a new videos page that can be added as a new tab onto your page. This exciting new feature allows you to easily manage all the videos you’ve uploaded. You’re able to have a featured video which will be displayed at the top of the page and you’re also able to create...

Jan 15, 2015

In todays video Mak provides some tips on content creation for small businesses. You could create engaging content for your audience by creating videos such as this video. 


Remember these 3 steps mentioned in this video:

1. Make sure you give your viewers a desired outcome

2. Go through the steps to achieve the...

Jan 14, 2015

In this video Mak explains how to use social media marketing for small business. Social Media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube is what everyone uses on a daily basis for personal and or business use. Creative Astro TV

Your business could use social media to post about any offers you may have on products or...